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Muqueca Restaurant

  • Joanna Y.


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    Joanna Y. said “Had to update with the newest addition to their Korean menu: GAMJA TANG (pork bone soup). This is a spicy stew that is so appropriate for Boston winters. The broth is VERY CLEAN and just spicy enough. The…” read more

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  • Higor F.

    Best Muqueca Ever! I’ve recently brought a special couple from Cape Cod to delight a Muqueca Capixaba and they loved it.

  • Stephanie W.

    Oh wow. This place is fantastic!

    Every dish is ridiculously good. We got the fried chicken, plantains, and crab cake for appetizers. Then we got the the fish stew for the entree and . The chicken was so flavorful and distinct. The plantains were a warm, soft bite of HEAVEN. The crabcakes were good, but were kind of outshined by the other apps.

    And then the stew. oh my. It was just so good. You need to try it. I would normally try the dish with the most variety, but my friend assured me that the fish stew was THE best. I haven’t had the chance to try any other stews, but I believe her. It was phenomenal.

    Also! The ambience is great! There is very cute nautical decor, and some nice window seats for people watching. All the food seems to be cooked and served in these little handmade clay plates. They’re really wobbly and cute. The staff is very kind, helpful, and prompt.

    I can’t wait to go back to Boston and return to this restaurant.

  • Edwin R.


    Muqueca is located on the strip of Cambridge St., where I was told, lots of hip restaurants to eat. Muqueca is also well known by many MIT and Harvard students as the place to order their authentic traditional caipirinha (Brazilian hillbilly drink).

    I suggest ordering their side of plantains. Their Feijoada ComPleta is a Brazilian National Dish and really good. It comes with Black beans stew with fresh & dried meat, pork, sausage & bacon, and served with collard greens, fried plantain, farofa & orange. It was mouth watering and so good and cooked in a clay pot. For dessert, their chocolate flan was good but super rich, so if you don’t like it super sweet, I suggest their tapioca coconut dessert instead .

    What surprised me the most, I requested a cup of coffee after a nice meal, and the our nice waitress made me an awesome Brazilian espresso. What a treat! We will definitely come back when we are in the area.

    Until then, Cheers! ~ :p

  • Jonathan C.
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    Tiny little place that none of the locals seem to know about.  If there’s large parties the servers can be a little overwhelmed. Just be patient.

    Everything we tried here was good. Had the traditional caipirinha aka Brazilian hillbilly drink.

    Most of the dishes come with sides such as rice and plantains.  Had a beef dish and shrimp and fish dish.  Both very flavorfu even without the sauces. Seems like you can’t go wrong at this place. The chocolate flan was good but could be rich for some. Tapioca coconut dessert was even better. Their coffee is also very good. It can be a little pricey with the seafood dishes so bring some friends and share.

  • Patricia P.
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    Very nice, delicious muqueca, delicious caipirinha.
    The bolinho de bacalhau is very good also.
    The service is nice.
    I had a good time.

  • Damien S.


    An immensely enjoyable lunch with rockstar Elite Yuk L! And not just because of her sparkling personality…

    Dat fried yucca. And the moqueca sizzle.

    Their namesake dish consists hearty, flakey whitefish braised(?) tender and left to marinate in a bubbling stew of tomatoes, peppers and onions, served with a mound of rice and a starchy thick fish gravy on the side. The liquid is at once sour, citrusy, a tad piquant, and unctuous in all the right ways. A tom yum, minus cilantro and young coconut milk. Definitely fish sauce, maybe? It’s a delectable mystery. The lunch portion is basically a half serving, and runs $12.50. You don’t need more than this, Joey Chestnut.

    By no means should you do less. Get this. Get this now. “GET NOW!” – Ahnold

    But not before you start with the fried yucca ($6). I’ve had it elsewhere; I’ve never had it better. Yucca’s one of those foodstuffs that’s easy to fry dry, but not in this house. The dippers (including a fiery garlic-tomato-Brazilian red pepper sauce) are wonderful accompaniments, but this root is so unbelievable tender and creamy, it could be et on its own.

    Juices are blended to order, and my $5 Blue Caju (blueberries, cashew fruit, papaya) screamed summer. Then screamed again as I sucked it down.

    The “new” kids on the block (bisq, Puritan & Co, clover) may be drawing attention to the skirts of Inman, but classics like Muqueca have been owning the spotlight for a while. ¡Viva Brasil!

  • Anthony A.
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    I ordered the fish and shrimp muqueca for dinner last night and it was delicious. My uber driver later that evening is actually from Brazil and told me that Muqueca is one of his favorite Brazilian restaurants in the Boston area, as well. If you can handle your food being spicy, I highly recommend pouring their special hot sauce on top of the muqueca.

  • Augusto G.


    First of all, I’m Brazilian. And I’m very picky when I eat my home food abroad.
    I’ve been here a couple of times, and this place doesn’t disappoint me.
    It’s easy to get a table during lunch, but it gets crowded at night. yes, get a reservation.
    Ok, let’s start with the food. For appetizers, the Brazilian crab cake is good, but it’s a simple portion. If you’re not alone, just ask for the fried yuca; trust me, it’s good.

    Sometimes it’s hard to choose the main course. Brazilian always eat rice with something. You can try the Fish & Shrimp Muqueca, which is a typical Brazilian dish. It’s a fish stew with lots of flavors. I tried the picanha (prime cut sirloin), and it did’t disappointed me. Or you can go Brazilian and ask for a feijoada (black beans stew with dry meat, pork, sausage and bacon). I also tried the banana lasagna; it was good, but I couldn’t finish. Guess it was too rich.

    Don’t forget the caipirinhas (be aware that they are strong), and the brigadeiros for dessert.

    The service is good, and the place is cozy.!!

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